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Dog Features for PC

By BloodyFanGirl08-07-2013

Ubisoft have recently revealed some of Watch Dogs' PC version graphical features. As you already know, Ubi's new game is powered by the Disrupt engine which was developed for the purposes of having "state of the art visuals on all its quality levels". What is implied by this is that the game hopefully won't have the same optimisation problems that other Ubi titles have had in the past (a case in point would be Assassin's Creed III though this game was built on a different engine).

Speaking with Gaming Bolt, team lead programmer Francis Boivin said, "We needed to have AO, massive dynamic light support, HDR, GI, depth of field, etc. to fully realize the ambition of art direction. We improved on techniques that we worked on in the past and surveyed what was available for the highest level of quality we wanted to achieve. We didn't just integrate the technique of the moment, but spent quite some time turning stuff around and mixing algorithms so they fit our requirements."

The capabilities of this new engine were alluded to back in February. Previously we also found out that the PC version will support a host of new technological features such as DirectX 11 as well as NVidia's TXAA and tessellation.

Watch Dogs' PC release is scheduled for release on November 22nd alongside the Xbox 360 & PS3 releases. At some point after that the game will make its way to next gen consoles too. But these dates are only if Ubisoft doesn't delay the game, which they've said they won't but this is Ubisoft and I'm sure you're all aware of their track record.

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@XiDiO: You said it dude

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"will support a host of new technological features such as DirectX 11 as well as NVidia's TXAA and tessellation."

These are NEW features?

Woah woah woah... need to change underpants.

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Yeah. I'll believe that when I see it