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Does “EVE: Online – The Prophecy” Hint at an Interconnected Universe?

By zethalee07-05-2014

As yet another EVE Online trailer to come soaring out of this year's Fanfest, this one doesn't feature any gameplay, but may hint at something much, much greater. Featuring an alliance of players, or ‘capsuleers’, in-game, versus the Amarr NPC Empire, locked in deadly space combat over an interdimensional gate, of sorts. For those not in the know, as far as EVE lore is concerned, official lore dictates that player-formed alliances have slowly superseded the once-mighty empires, and this trailer represents another evolution of that.  Players, if killed in-game, have a ready stock of clones available for substitution, but previously, this technology was available only to the empires. Thanks to a post on Reddit, the supposition is that the player alliances have taken control of the cloning technology, and now can distance themselves from the empires entirely. 

What's also interesting about the trailer is that, with the usage of the gate, this may very well mean that CCP Games is working on another galaxy for players to control. This is pure speculation at this point, and only time will tell if this is true. Furthermore, with references to the Valkyrie pilots, this hints that players will be able to make use of the Oculus Rift-only dogfighting game while battles are taking place in the main EVE client. Even beyond that, with showing how the Amarr insert soldiers into one of the ships, this further implies that the EVE: Legion game might also be introduced as another facet of tactical space combat to worry about. 

With an already expansive game featuring its own soon-to-be history book, CCP Games may very well be looking to create one of the most in-depth MMOs in existence. With the other two games well into the future, more details about this plan and the struggle between player alliances and NPC empires will surely be revealed.


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