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Dodgy Guy Asking for Money - Swears Will Make Good On It

By Mokman23-12-2012

It is a sad state to which we see famed RPG-makers Black Isle reduced to such miserable circumstances, scrounging chump change off people as it desperately scrabbles to keep itself afloat after its recent revival (under not exactly the most auspicious of situations). You can head on over to the site itself where you can donate money to their upcoming initiative, a post-apocalyptic game called PV13. Although this in itself is nothing special and is even something to be excited about, the whole page simply reeks of dodginess, with no concrete materials showing the existence of an actual game.

What does contributing $10 get you? Access to a forum, a forum badge, and a certificate to show anyone who cares (i.e. nobody). $20? The same thing but with fancier names. Be one of the top 20 contributors? Well congratulations, you get all the above but fancier, and your name will be added to the "Hero Board", of which nobody knows anything. The game itself, fortunately, seems hopeful, promising the ability to found and manage your own post-apocalyptic colony, something that I've always wanted to do in Fallout and haven’t been able to do without the assistance of mods.

However, the circumstances and atmosphere surrounding this announcement and request for funding has turned me off the idea, or at least made me feel slightly wary. As great as Black Isle was, I can't help but shake the feeling that something is off, a feeling that is added to substantially by the fact that we don't know who the people are other than apparently "an experienced team of game developers".

Will be keeping an eye on this, but for two different reasons. One, to see if it's worth my money, and two, to be ready to bolt the moment it goes feral and attempts to bite my arm off.

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