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Doctor Evil Would be Most Proud

By MrJenssen01-02-2014

Bugbear's STILL not renamed Next Car Game has been doing quite well over the past few months since the pre-orders opened. They made over $500.000 over last Christmas, and once they got onto Steam they apparently doubled that number, if a recent press statement is to be believed.

"We're very proud to announce that the official Early Access launch of our titular demolition racing game, aptly titled Next Car Game, has been a huge success. The game was officially launched on Steam mid-January, and it instantly took the Steam Top Sellers chart by storm. In total, the game made over $1,000,000 during one week in sales through our own pre-order site and Steam."

That's very good news for the Finnish developer, especially seeing as their Kickstarter campaign failed miserably, and the pre-orders on their site weren't doing too hot for a while. That was only the case before they started releasing their playable tech demos, however.

"We were literally awe-struck by the great response the sneak peek received. The pre-order sales skyrocketed, and we reached and actually topped our original Kickstarter funding goal in just week! And most importantly: the success showed us that the players believed in the game."

The game is currently in Steam's Early Access program, but though the little content provided certainly is of impressive quality for a pre-alpha, don't forget that it is exactly that - a pre-alpha. Only a couple of tracks, a derby arena and two playable cars are currently in this version of the game, and Bugbear don't seem to be approaching the whole "early access" thing like most developers. They, so far, haven't added any more incremental content like new playable cars or anything like that. They'll likely instead dump a whole new version of the game onto Steam once they're ready to do so. So keep that in mind, if you're thinking of supporting them. With that said, though...oh, the destruction is delicious.

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Congrats to the devs. Now they should update the Steam build.