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Do You Know How to Survive?

By Toast17-10-2013

You may know how to survive normal day-by-day life, but could you survive on your own in a zombie apocalypse? Chances are, I'd be eaten (for obvious reasons, hint hint), but you'd have the chance if you were resourceful enough! Thus introducing a survival guide...or rather game, called How to Survive from 505 Games. You're pitted against...zombies? Sounds right for the apocalypse, and your object is to...I think...survive? Anyhow, you'll have a range of things to do like upgrade skills, craft items and even create and adapt some weapons to make them into more advanced and efficient killing machines.  Oh, and you'll have to keep an eye on stuff like your thirst and hunger, otherwise you might not survive for very long. Before I forget, if you're up for the challenge set before you, the chance to pre-order for a special discount till the end of October is available for you at a rate of 30% off on Steam. Not a bad deal, right? Well we'll have to see how this one turns out.

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Doesn't look too shabby. But it's a little irritating that the "campaign" coop is only offline. Online coop seems to just be random challenges and stuff.