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Do You Have 2 Minutes For The Savior Of Mankind?

By Kelevandos30-04-2013

After the recent third installment in the Metro Ranger Survival Guide series, we can now have a look at more footage from Metro: Last Light. Redemption Trailer 3 tells us about Artyom, the first game's protagonist, who will reappear as the Last Light's main character. The commentator of the trailer is Anna, who wants to believe that he is the savior of mankind...

Metro: Last Light will be an FPS, produced by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. A direct sequel of Metro 2033, it will take up the story after the more pessimistic version of the ending. The gameplay looks very promising, especially seeing that the devs developed the more important aspects of the game, like light or survivalist elements. I can hardly wait for the next encounter with the Dark Ones!

Metro: Last Light will be out on May 14th.

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Posts: 3290

Now, the real question. When will the novel be translated?

Posts: 127

If there is a main reason I am waiting for another Metro, it is the voicing. There is no other game with such a great Russian accent stylisation :-D It creates a hell of an atmosphere

Posts: 596

That trailer gave me goosebumps... damn...