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Do It Yourself... ish

By eremeticskeptic17-04-2014

Although Disney closed the LucasArts studio about a year ago, the source code of Jedi Knights 2 has been the bastion of hope for the game’s fans. When Dark Raven software released it, modders were able to go into the game and change it around on a deeper level with better results, much like we’ve come to enjoy with all of our PC games nowadays. With access to the scripting, textures, and even the AI behaviour, the game can be completely remade just by updating what’s already there. Remaking a beloved game is a huge challenge though – it’s a wonder that anybody’s up to the task.

Well, the author JDBArtist on Gaming Nexus’ forums is overhauling the entire game with a remake mod. The author plans on changing some multiplayer arenas by adding improved lighting and new textures to every surface in game, leaving no stone unturned. They’re also going to give the single-player missions the same deep facelift treatment, effectively modernizing the entire game. Of course, doing this to a large game such as Jedi Knight 2 takes a lot of time, and even more time when it’s a one-man job, and that one man has another job. JDBArtist is seeking other texture artists and code-crafters to join him to help in the effort via a PM on the Gaming Nexus forums, if you’re interested.

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