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Do Ghosts Exist in Call of Duty?

By Toast24-11-2013

Yes they do, MYTHBUSTED! No wait..actually we don't know that officially...but we do know who could be mythbusting that at some point. Meet the Call of Duty: Ghosts Mythbusters that are here to inform you about the myths that are, and aren't true, much like what we covered 2 weeks back on Battlefield 4's Mythbusters.

So what are they covering this episode? Being able to destroy a Helo Scout with C4? Deployed Ordin Juggernauts being able to score in Blitz? Being crushed by a date on Stonehaven? Hey...how about if Dogs can drown? Yup...all covered in this latest episode, which you can watch above, you can also watch the first episode below if you so wish, you curious little kitten you!

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Theres a myth that Bob isnt a gamer.

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There's a myth that it's a better lovestory than Twilight

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There's a myth that some people think it's a good game!