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DmC Pre-Order DLC

By RubyStreams09-10-2012

Capcom have announced some pre-order goodies for the upcoming reboot of Devil May Cry, DmC.

Gamestop, Canada's EB Games, Best Buy and Amazon will be offering pre-order DLC that will all "transform Dante's Shotgun, Scythe and Axe" into various re-skinned versions of themselves.

Here's a rundown on what pre-order DLC comes from where:

  • Gamestop and EB Games - Samurai Pack and three free upgrade points
  • Best Buy - Golden Pack and access to the "Item Finder"
  • Amazon - Bone Pack and Orb Harvester

DmC releases on consoles Jan 2013, with the PC version coming shortly after, but you can check out some new footage (including the pre-order DLC).

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Posts: 223

To be fair he just looks like a typical angst-filled "kid" in his early 20's. I'm sure I've seen the guy you're referring to, and I'm sure he styled HIMSELF on Dante when promoting it at press events

Posts: 1548

its not about the hair but rather looking loke one of the guys who work on it. its so wrong...

Posts: 223

Maybe they should have made a deal with L'Oreal to release a blonde wig DLC to please the cry babies who can't handle this new haired Dante