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Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Released

By WskOsc28-10-2015

How can you improve on a masterpiece like Divinity Original Sin? By releasing an Enhanced Edition apparently. Given out for free to existing owners of Divinity Original Sin the Enhanced Edition has some seriously major changes to the game, including:

  • Revised story
  • New difficulties, Explorer (easy), Tactician (hard) and Honour (iron man mode)
  • Camera rotation
  • New crafting system
  • New quests
  • New traps and puzzles
  • New weapons, grenades and wands
  • Dual wielding (even with wands)
  • Controller support
  • Dynamic split-screen

If you want to see the full list you can on the Kickstarter update posted here.

Most of the old stuff is still present, and wandering around Cyseal it's obvious most of it has been improved greatly and the new voice acting is largely fantastic save for the fact that Richard Ayoade doesn't voice the cheese seller anymore. Boo, 0 out of 10, worst game ever. Seriously though, check this one out because it's a major upgrade to the best RPG in a couple of decades.

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