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Divinity Hacks Again In February

By MrJenssen30-09-2013

The Divinity franchise started off with a modest little isometric, story-based RPG back in the early 2000s that garnered a fan-following without reaching close to the top of any sales charts. It took years before it ever got an official sequel, with Divinity 2 released in 2009, but now the series is finally back in form. The rather odd genre-mix of RTS, RPG and dogfighting (yeah) that was Divinity: Dragon Commander, was released this year, and a second project has been in the works for some time as well.

Divinity: Original Sin is to be a call back to the isometric old days of the series. It funded a large portion of its budget through a Kickstarter project that did quite well. The trouble with having such financial success, is that they had to actually make the game they promised they would, including all sorts of stretch goals. Some of the challenges are explained in the video above, and it is for this reason that the game has been moved from a fall release, to February 28 2014. In the meantime, the video above also has some gameplay teasers to keep your thirst quenched for about two minutes. Enjoy!

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Looks positively *sunglasses* divine

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I have to say, it looks damn good.