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Diving With Rift

By Mokman02-06-2013

So, World of Diving. Admittedly not as exciting as the plethora of games incoming in the next few months, it is however, an interesting venture, albeit one that most likely would appeal only to a small audience. Unless...it has something truly amazing. And that something could perhaps be this:

What if you could experience diving in true virtual reality, but without the expensive suits and slight risk of stepping on a stonefish? Ever wanted to experience ocean depths from the comfort of your bedroom? Well, World of Diving needs your support!

As the video clearly shows, World of Diving has much to do with well...diving. And oceans. And sharks, for some reason - though I'm quite sure the last time I went diving they didn't feature very heavily on my itinerary. Nevertheless, it is an interesting venture that Vertigo Games have proposed - one that they need funding for. $75,000 worth of funding to be exact. So what are you waiting for? Every little bit helps!

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Posts: 44

I'm waiting for the sequel, "World Of Knitting".

Posts: 351

Man I really want an oculus rift and this game. That is so cool.

Posts: 233

Lulz, I wish them the best....