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Divided Nations of Tanks

By Toast29-01-2014

Good Ol' War, or rather World War 2. Hey you know what? World of Tanks is upgrading to 8.11, but you probably don't know what it includes yet, well don't worry dear reader, I'm here to inform the hell out of ya.  But before that, let me inform you with a little history lesson, you see, once upon a time it used to be a free for all in the game with no clear allies or enemies in the battlefield, just a free-for-all. But now to more recent events, this update is to do away with this and introduce a nation based combat mode titled Confrontation. Essentially a team death match against an opposing nation.

What else will the update bring? 1 new map, and 2 alternative versions of other maps. Introducing Windstorm, a winter based map that is clearly set in a Europe based city during the winter. Speaking of winter, Himmelsdorf is getting a winter version titled Winter Himmelsdorf, and Ruinberg is going to look more ruined with flames and rain pelting down on your tanks during combat. However, if you actually want to get access to all of this right now, you can try it out with the public test client, instructions on how to access the trial mode can be found on Wargaming's blog post here. The benefits of testing it out will net you a one-time stipend of gold, some credits and XP to use while you're testing the update.

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