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Divide and Beat to a Pulp

By Bobfish07-09-2015

Taking a page out of Valkyrie Profile's book, the upcoming Beat'em Up cum RPG from Lab Zero is promising one of the more inventive combat system's I've seen in a while. Featuring an interesting hybrid between turn based and realtime action. Loosely akin to the Final Fantasy series in it's heyday, but closer, if you ask me, to the system Grandia became so well loved for.

The above video shows some working prototype footage, with a caveat that this is still, very much, a work in progress.  But with an Indiegogo and a playable prototype coming in the near future, we can expect the final product to be not too dissimilar. The major difference being that the final game will have combat skills affected more by weapons, whilst the demo will use a levelling system to simulate a comparable experience.

Effectively, your squad will function as one entity, stringing together their attacks to decimate the opposing forces. With some moves slowing down you recharge speed in favour of higher damage, and others hitting an entire column of enemires. The real trick being to get to know what they all do, then perform your combos in the most efficient way possible. Using either basic attacks by pressing a single button, or adding an up/down input to mix things up, with each of your four playable characters being assigned to a different button (a system clearly designed with a controller in mind) so that you can get them all into the fray as quickly, and efficiently as possible.

Gotta' say, it's really caught my eye. Lab Zero's experience with beat'em ups is being put to good use.

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