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Distance: Not Your average Racer

By drcoolio34505-12-2014

"Survival" and "racing" aren't two genres that cross over often, but then cars usually don't boost, jump, rotate, or fly through cities, and those cities usually aren't described as "chaotic" or "twisted."

A spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush, the ultra fast paced racing game where it's hard to survive let alone finish, Distance looks to be all that and more. Yes, Distance is about as far from a generic racing game as possible with its powerups, visual design, and even premise, all which apparently has a story behind it if you trust the YouTube description. The typical racing game features like multiplayer, racing, and speeding towards the finish line (or giant red death ball in this case) will all be there, but Distance also plans on including features like stunt mode, adventure mode, a level editor, and other features that don't get enough attention in racing games these days.

If you're curious what the gameplay might look like, check out this speedrun of Nitronic Rush by TheFearowoftime. Distance aims to be that with even more.


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It's, literally, Tron with cars. This is not a bad thing. In fact, wait, Tron Legacy has cars, so, yeah, it's Tron