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Disney And Video Games Just Don't Mix

By Bobfish09-05-2013

After the 'closure' of Lucas Arts and the decision to outsource the Star Wars franchise to EA, we're now being told that Disney Interactive just lost more than thirty million quid. Quid being British slang for the pound. As of close of March 2013, Disney reported an operating loss of $54 million for their ailing video game department. The single, only part of the company that didn't pull in two bajillion dollars a day. Suddenly, the seemingly callous dismissal of their digital intellectual properties doesn't seem like such a silly move really.

It is worth noting, however, that even this (admittedly minor in context to their overall assets) loss is still an improvement over the same period last year. To the sum of $16 million, with the 2012 loss weighing in at a total of $70 million. Disney have attributed this change to, shockingly, not spending as much money. February of 2012 saw an expansion in their Japanese mobile business ventures. That...that's a lot of money to spend on mobiles. I'd love to see the expense request for that one. Probably reads something like:

1x new Japan premises
32x Japan employee
12,704 iPhone5 because...why the hell not? I'm not paying for it!

But in all seriousness, it's kind of a good thing that Disney are still able to write off such losses and continue to produce licensed games the way they do. Whilst their success is oddly disproportionate to the popularity of the Disney brand, there is still the core audience there that want their Mickey Mouse or Lion King games. And I still remember the good old days of Castle of Illusion. Hopefully, someday soon, they'll reach those same heights again.


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