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Disney Acquiring Lucas

By NeonAnderson31-10-2012

As many of you probably all know by now, Disney is buying Lucasfilm Ltd. from George Lucas for 4.05 Billion Dollars. However, what has not been made clear until recently is that included in the deal is many of Lucas’ subsidiary companies, including LucasArts, which develops all of the Star Wars video games.

It is unclear what will happen as a result and what it means for future Star Wars video games, especially Star Wars 1313.

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Yeah, they are indeed making a new Star Wars movie, if I recall it's due for release in 2014 so it will be a while still before we find out if Disney was good or bad for the franchise. I just will be pissed if they ruin SW 1313 or cancel it or something :(

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I read somewhere that they are making the 7th SW movie too.

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We're doomed! Lock your daughter! Shoot your son! Locefis... I mean, Disney is comming to town! They'll re-release original trilogy and every character will be Jar Jar Jinks! Doooooooomed, I tell you!