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Dishonored: Shadows are Full of Terror

By Bis18marck7024-08-2012

Think you got what it takes to be the perfect assassin? Well, it seems like you will be able to proof that claim with the upcoming creation of Arkane Studies - Dishonored.

Showing of various features, the newest trailer gives you an idea of how the environment can be used to your advantage. Use the shadows and cover mechanics to leap in for the kill or simply distract enemies by holding a little concert with the good old harp. Stealth mode also gives you the option to see your enemy’s line of sight and the game will distinguish between direct and peripheral vision, both at short and long distances.

Have a look at the newest trailer and stay away from big doors!

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@Ruby Yes and no. I don't want to see it anymore because it makes me long for it but I also want to know more :D

Posts: 223

Can we please stop posting Dishonored news. My pants can only take so much