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Disharmonious Screenshots In Endless Space

By JcDent20-06-2013

Endless Space is an awesome space 4X game. And it's bound to get even better with the Disharmony expansion pack release (which, among other things, brings a whole new race). The release date is set for June 26th and you're expected to shell out 10 euros (9.99) for it.

This is good tidings even for those who can't or won't buy it: with the launch of this DLC, the Sheredyn Faction (the cool looking United Empire ships) and the Endless Hero (simply an awesome guy) will be unlocked to all players. Also? Automaton ship models "as a gift to the community for being so awesome". That is pretty neat!

Can you contain your wallet until then?

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, it looks really nice doesn't it. Don't usually see this much colour in a space based game. Makes a real nice change

Posts: 233

Not bad