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Discover a Mountain's Secrets in Kholat

By zethalee06-02-2015

The first game coming out of one of the publishers of Euro Truck Simulator 2, Kholat is advertised as an "adventure-horror game inspired by the real life events of the Dyatlov Pass incident. The incident in question involved 9 experienced climbers hiking up the mountain of Kholat Syakhl, which ended mysteriously in the deaths of the entire group. Official reports and investigations suggested that it might be an avalanche, or possibly ball lightning that sent the hikers fleeing, ultimately to their ends.

But what if it's not really what happened that day? With so many questions in mind, you'll be investigating the inhospitable Ural Mountains, in a quest for your own personal truth. Kholat asks you to find the answer, if there is one, but above all else, survive. The game is available for pre-order now, which will run you approximately 19.99 USD, and it's slated for release sometime in the first quarter of this year.


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Posts: 1317

Yeah not much gameplay is shown, but then again I'm pretty sure for such a game it'd just spoil the experience anyway. We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Posts: 81

The story is so crazy but I am really curious to how this turns out in an actual game. I'd love to buy it on release but I am still a bit hesitant. Will wait till hear what you guys have to say.

Regardless, I love horror/atmospheric games. And with Sean Bean narrating it... ahh yea. Would laugh my ass off if he is killed before the game ends ahahaha

Posts: 3290

'Bout time we heard something new about it indeed

Posts: 1317

Pssst, the release date is listed in the trailers. April 24.

Really can't wait for this game. It shows potential. And the real-life story behind it is quite spectacular.