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DirectX 12 will be Shown at GDC 2014

By NAG3LT07-03-2014

After the abstracts for GDC 2014 surfaced there has been some speculation. While, Nvidia's interest in low level OpenGL was known, Microsoft's possible announcement seemed less expected. Now we know, that these ideas will be implemented in the new version of their API – DirectX 12. AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm are listed as partners in a really short announcement page. That is all we know about the new DirectX at the moment and hopefully we will hear more about its OS requirements and hardware compatibility in the GDC talk.


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The gamer in me is creaming his pants at the possibilities...

..the pragmatist in my is groaning that Micro$oft will just make it a Windows 9 exclusive feature in an asinine attempt to push their new OS. Thus removing all motivation for the mass market to adopt and utilise any new features it does bring. The vast majority of devs still don't even support Dx11, and even the one who do have an annoying habit of throwing it in as an extra option rather than actually putting some real focus into it.

Fun fact. Doesn't matter how good your shit is. if no-one can use it...IT AIN'T WORTH SHIT!