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Dinosaurs. From Crytek. Need I Say More?

By BloodyFanGirl19-11-2015

Well, need I? Check out the Demo above.

If you've been paying attention you'll notice this tech demo video is almost identical to one we saw earlier this year. So why are we going Back To Dinosaur Island? Again? Oh, because the VR tech demo is now free for you to download from the 18th. The tech demo debuted at GDC earlier this year, being met with positivity from attendees. The free download allows those who weren't at this year's GDC to finally experience Crytek's VR Dinos for themselves. If you've got an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 model or later, you can play his tech demo that puts you in the talons of a baby dinosaur watching the world go by.

David Bowman, Crytek's Director of Production, commented, "Back to Dinosaur Island shows how intense, Involving and rich virtual reality can be. Players will see a powerful dinosaur breathing inches from their face, getting an unprecedented sense of its immense scale. To watch this scene in 2D is impressive, but when you're in virtual reality, it becomes more intimate, and more exciting – giving you a feeling of presence and a belief that you're really right there in a way that no other medium can."


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