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Dino's Are Kickstarting Off

By acharris7711-11-2013

Who here remembers the flash-based game Dino Run from PixelJam? Well for those who do not, it was Velociraptors wearing hats, fleeing from an apocalyptic event across various landscapes. That is pretty much the game briefly, so how can you expand on the premise? That is where PixelJam is hoping to get the sequel crowd-funded on Kickstarter. The biggest problem facing PixelJam is the multiple Dinosaurs. But this is also the greatest addition to the structure of the game. PixelJam said:

"The feature we're most excited about is the ability to play as a number of dino types, each with their own strengths and methods of overcoming obstacles. Our classic Velociraptor is back with his speed and reflexes, while the Archaeopteryx can glide through the air and dive bomb enemies. The Parasaurolophus is fast and heavy but too tall to enter most tunnels, while the mighty Triceratops is unstoppable at top speed, smashing through everything in his way.

"A raptor solves problems with his speed; levels generated around him will have plenty of classic jumping and dodging challenges. A triceratops makes his way forward with brute force, making toppled trees into bridges and gravel out of the boulders that stand in his way; his world will be physically intimidating. A pachycephalosaurus can ram his bone helmet into a weak wall to reveal a smaller hidden tunnel; his levels will have multiple winding paths to explore. The archaeopteryx's and pterodactyl's world will emphasize the sky and the cliffs that most dinos cannot traverse."

The Dino's will be smashing their way through modern locations (like coffee shops and petrol stations) which join the original Cretaceous zone and the Paleolithic. Even though Humans and Dinosaurs did not really co-exist, they do in this game, thanks to PixelJam. So there we have some prehistoric action on Kickstarter. It is too early to say if this is will make it hit the target, but it should be a fun little game to play if the screenshots are anything to go by.

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I think I will call the my Dino - Denver, who was the star of one of my favourite childhood cartoon, Denver, The Last Dinosaur.