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Digital Board Game Gremlins Inc. Coming to Steam and GoG

By drcoolio34524-07-2015

Gremlins Inc is a "turn-based digital board game strategy" where you win by bribing, trapping, and stealing from other players by using 150 different cards in the high stakes game to become the richest gremlin on the board.

150 cards, three different resources to collect, more places to land than in a pro-Magic players deck, and who knows how many totally different ways to play the game. Producer Sergei Klimov and designer Alexey Bokulev have said "We wanted to accommodate vastly different playing styles, and we knew that it is only in the digital space and on desktop computers that we’re able to offer all these features."

From the sound of it, it's Outworld Trading Company but with Gremlins instead of corporations and on a digital board rather than in space.

No official release date yet, however their website shows that they intend to release on Steam and GoG for Windows and Macs.

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