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DICE Teases Unannounced Project(s)

By MrJenssen05-06-2013

Though there's likely not that many people surprised that Dice will be at E3 this year, showing off their upcoming Battlefield sequel, DICE VP and general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson says there'll also be additional stuff shown off, according to the embedded video above.

"Our excellent dev team is hard at work with Battlefield 4, of course, but we also have a couple of surprises up our sleeve."

No one can be absolutely certain what this could be, but I think most people are willing to bet that it'll either be something concerning Mirror's Edge 2, and/or a successor to the Star Wars Battlefront franchise. Now, whether we'll be shown gameplay, CGI-trailers or just short teasers following an official announcement, is not clear. However, I think it's safe to say that if these supposed "surprises" Troedsson is talking about does NOT include either Mirror's Edge 2, Battlefront or both... there'll be a lot of disappointed gamers around the world.

At the end of the video, you'll find a link to EA's official E3 livestream site, as well as the time for the conference to take place. 1PM Pacific should equate to 8PM UTC. Add an hour to that if you're in a country that uses Daylight Savings during the summer.


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Get ready folks, E3 is coming

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Cant wait for the next Star Shitreg 3.

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ProjectS you say?

Now I'm intrigued