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DICE Squish Bugs

By MatthewJMimnaugh15-11-2013

For anyone even remotely up to date with Battlefield 4, it's no news that the game is a mess, riddled with bugs, exploits, and performance issues. While not quite an industry standard just yet, players have come to expect (and loathe) day one bugs. DICE is guilty of this, though, to their credit, have already put out nine hotfixes, solving most of the major problems. Nevertheless, that is not an excuse, so much as an obligation to the players.

Part of the problem is undoubtedly the huge range of potential computer builds the current gamer may have. From processors and graphics cards to ram and SSD quality, there are just so many things to account for in programing and that exponential list just keeps expanding.  That said, there are plenty of lower end games with shoestring budgets that run perfectly on moldy potatoes, so apparently some corporate somebody is missing something. What's worse, though? DLC has already been announced and promoted. Call me crazy, but I don't want to hear a single thing about DLC until the game is in ship shape. It's just a bit insulting.

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Its a shame, I still love the game and will play it. EA needs to stop worrying about CoD, they shipped this game too early.

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I love how the link to DICE's website didn't happen....

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Nailed it!

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Squishes bugs.

Releases cockroaches.
My game turns into pseudo 3D randomly, screen turns into a blurry mess for 1 second and adds a 3d outline to everything, blue/Red.