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DICE Freezes Projects to Fix Battlefield 4

By JcDent06-12-2013

The evil overlords at EA spoke to PC Gamer and important news were divined from the helish screams of unborn children and unburned furries that passes for its language. Specifically, it's that DICE, the guys and two-three gals that have been merrily developing Battlefield for many years now, will focus all their power to fix their latest game, Battlefield 4.

"We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game" said the EA spokesperson, it's voice booming within the deepest corners of the journalist's heart. "It is absolutely our #1 priority. The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game. We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel your pain. We will not stop until this is right."

Finally, all that screaming and trashing about on the floor paid off! XiDiO can stop threatening his mom that he'll drink out of the toilet until the bugs are fixed. The soul forges have been quenched, the torture racks left still: everyone is working on Battlefield 4.  And a good thing too: a lot of (speculative) blame can be laid on EA, as it's pretty obvious that the game might have been pushed to be released before CoD, so that the promise of CoD-like game modes would reel in people who were too smart to pre-order Ghosts. And I don't think I remember any time when this sort of tactic worked.

Oh, and that wasn't all that was said, as the PCG worker managed to hear a few more whispers before passing out from mental anguish and voices that scratch at the inside of his skull. A lot of internet commenters (a classy lot, them) were very unhappy with DLCs being announced and released despite the game's buggy state. This was probably because they falsely believe that maps and guns for a DLC can be slapped together during a weekend and you'd still have enough time left to be a horrible person on Reddit. So, according to EA, they went with China Rising's launch because it was already well underway by the time the game was launched, something that never occurred to the seething masses (oh how they seethe!).

While this won't put more content into future DLCs (the current ones are a far cry from The Best Battlefield 2 DLC, Armored Core), it might slow them down and hopefully will fix all the bugs. Battlefield fans can be thankful for one thing: at least this is an agreement that things aren't perfect. It's definitely something different than we would get if this was Kerberos Studios or Dereck Smart...

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