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Dial 1-800-FUND-FILM

By MrJenssen13-09-2013

Yeah, I know that's too long for a phone number. Shut your face, it's not the point!

Hotline Miami was awesome. Hard as rocks, but still awesome. The sequel was announced a good while ago, and we've since seen a few trailers, some gameplay and even a little backlash.

Now, short film director Saman Kesh, who you may or may not know for the brilliant short film Controller, intends to make a short film set in the universe of Hotline Miami. If you check the embedded video above, you'll even see an awesome trailer, complete with neon lights, hints at gratuitous violence, a visual style clearly inspired by the film Drive, and music that would make any pop music producer of the 1980s proud of the future.

However, these things don't just make themselves. Kesh has taken to crowd funding site Indiegogo to fund his new film. Despite the fact that the project launched half a month ago, it's not looking too bright for the project right now. Hopefully that will change soon, and I think you will agree with me if you just watch the trailer.

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