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Diablo 3’s Classes get Tweaked in 2.0.4

By CameronW09-04-2014

Still playing Diablo? Maybe you’re taking a break? Well, you should probably hear about patch 2.0.4. It’s not a massive content patch or anything, but it fixes a lot of the issues that were irking people with the launch of Reaper of Souls, namely tweaking ability damage on every class except the Monk, and making 61-70 crafting a little bit easier by removing the Death’s Breath requirement and raising the drop rate of Legendary crafting materials. The patch is currently live for folks like me in the US, but European players will have to wait a couple more days.

Of course I couldn’t possibly go over every change here without going on for days and days, but Blizzard has kindly posted patch notes to the Diablo site. I’m digging the Crusader buffs, and wondering why Monks are completely unchanged. Were they that perfect? Just like Warcraft you probably won’t even notice the patch downloading, the client does that all for us. Ain’t it swell?


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