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Diablo 3 Teases Possible DLC

By Mokman16-08-2013

If you head now to the Diablo 3 website, and rummaged around a bit, you would find yourself eventually at this page. Hmm. Anyone have a clue what this means? Well, judging by how modern gaming works, it seems to most likely be a hint at possible DLC, although it is highly unlikely that this heralds the coming of Diablo 4 (noting Blizzard's normal working pace).

"Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all." Cryptic, but at least we have kind of an idea what this new content may be. Perhaps the inclusion of the much-loved necromancer class? Maybe another rise of the undead, but this time in a different form? We shall find out soon - more news as details arise.


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Posts: 351

I hope the DLC is that they are taking the auction house out.

Posts: 3290

I have this sinking feeling it will turn out to be something to do with it being on all platforms. Maybe a PlayStation 4/Xbone port?

Posts: 297

I wonder if it'll include some of the improvements from the up-coming counterparts? Hope so, although I've yet to experience the main game on PC, now i'll just need to find a digital or boxed copy for cheap...