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Diablo 3 Gets Communities and Clans

By CameronW22-02-2014

There’re quite a few things that Diablo 3 is missing that I’d like to see happen, luckily one of them is guilds and it’s totally happening under Clans and Communities in the Reaper of Souls 2.0 expansion. Yay! No more handling all of your Diablo friends through your mess of a friend’s list.

Clans act pretty much like you’d expect a guild to, though they’re intended for a small amount of people and have a population cap of 120, so they’re probably not for the big website communities like SomethingAwful’s Goon Squad.  Creating a clan doesn’t cost anything, and anyone can do it, but you can only join one Clan at a time.

Running a website? Have a popular YouTube channel? Have a weird amount of stalkers that’s over the number 120? All three? You’re probably looking for the “Community” feature which allows for larger groups of people to come together. When making a community, you pick a name, category, and if you want it to be public or not. Public communities can be joined by anyone without an invitation, private obviously the opposite.

Categories include (but aren't limited to):

• Online Communities
• Class Specific
• Streamers/Personalities
• Internet Cafes
• Regional
• Schools
• Companies
• Hardcore   

Once you’ve made a clan or community you get access to the social window that has all of the options you’d expect like Message of the Day and news feeds relating to the Clan and Communities you’ve joined. You also have the typical settings like promoting and demoting members if you’re an officer, as well as changing your communities’ public/private status and language.

Clans and Communities aren’t ground-breaking by any means, but it’s still an appreciated addition and might keep some people actually playing the game this time around since they aren’t actively disengaged from the community.


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