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Diablo 3 Gets a 50% XP Bonus for a Limited Time

By CameronW04-03-2014

If you're one of the many who returned to Diablo 3 recently with its 2.0 Reaper of Souls prep patch, you've probably been spending a good amount of time getting your Paragon Levels up a few clicks. When Reaper of Souls goes live it'll bring with it "Adventure Mode" which will hopefully make the monotony of levelling a bit more manageable. Until then, Diablo 3 players on PC and Mac will be getting a 50% XP buff from now until March 24th 2014, a day before Reaper of Souls is released.

The 50% XP buff is visible in game as a buff on your UI, and the 50% is applied after all of your experience bonuses are calculated. So that's 50% overall experience and not just another 50% added onto your stat. That's a lot of XP. Console gamers are unfortunately left out of the bonus, as Reaper of Souls hasn't even been confirmed to be coming to consoles yet.


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