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Diablo 3 Auction House Being Reaped in Latest Expansion

By Mokman31-08-2013

There seems to exist a huge divide between hardcore fans of the Diablo series who have migrated to Diablo 3, despite the bad reputation that it has gotten, and those who continuously condemn it for what 'it has become'. A large part of this stems from the controversial in-game gold and real money auction house that was implemented, a system that was eventually admitted to have 'really hurt the game' by Diablo 3's former lead designer. Thankfully though, in the upcoming expansion Reaper of Souls, the Auction House is going to be nerfed, the patch intended to 'cut the legs out from' it, according to lead content designer Kevin Martens.

As to quote him: 'Loot 2.0′ will add "smart drop" items, which are tuned to your character. More legendaries are also planned, with extra effects, such as a staff that can spawn hydras from dead bodies. A new artisan, the Mystic, will be introduced, letting players transmute items – transferring the stats of one over to another. In addition, the new Loot Run mode will randomly generate a new 15-20 minute dungeon, letting you go treasure hunting without repeating the same locations." Interested? It seems that Diablo 3 is headed in a very interesting direction, setting that the Auction House become the 'last resort'. Perhaps now some of those naysayers would want to take a second look...


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Posts: 1548

I refuse to touch it until it is fully playable in SP!

Posts: 351

Yeah I never played the previous games and it was still a disappointment for me. Its more fun to find loot now grind to buy it.

Posts: 42

It needed a good nerfing to be fair. I cringed when they first announced the real money auction house. It was an attempt to stop gold farming and stuff which was such a problem in WoW but they didn't really consider how it could effect overall enjoyment of the game.

Posts: 351

I stopped playing because of the auction house, these games are fun because you find cool stuff and it felt as if I really never did. If this expansion is reasonably priced and the auction house is nerfed I may look at it again but that is doubtful.