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DI: Epidemic Becoming More Deadly

By PeterChi28-02-2014

Deep Silver's jaunt into the MOBA genre has stepped out into the beautiful sunlight of being available to play all-day, every-day. The competitive and zombie-heavy Dead Island: Epidemic completed its weekend of testing on Monday, that saw the servers only operating during specific hours. Deep Silver say that DI:E is now in its final stages of preparation for release, with a patch that dropped onto players Steam accounts today that added some new characters to play as.

There are some features that are still unavailable in the closed beta at the moment, but the missing features do nothing to detract from the fact that Deep Silver really have created something different from anything else on offer in the MOBA world at the minute. The competitive mode is a nice step away from anything else you'll have played.

To sign up and be a part of the closed beta go here. As an incentive, anyone who takes part in the testing will have access to exclusive items come DI:E's release.

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Posts: 28

It's worth it if you like competative MOBA type-things. Addictive!

Posts: 297

Looks like I might as well actually sign up and see what the fuss is about.