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DevStar Housing

By NeonAnderson29-03-2013

The latest video of WildStar shows off a great feature that WildStar will have, namely player Housing. The video goes quickly over some of the features that player housing will have but if you're too lazy to watch the video I will list them below:

- Players will start with a plot of land with just a simple makeshift tent on it. This can then be built up to a full fledges mansion as the player earns more money to upgrade his or her house.

- Their housing can be fully customised inside out, with each bit of decoration able to be fully rotated and floated even!

- The house links in with other parts of the game, quests and random items drops will provide the players with cool items for their house or plot of land.

- The house will provide a bunch of nifty conveniences such as rest XP that goes up with the amount of furnishing and decoration your house has.

- Players will be able to set who can visit their property, thus fully public or friends only.

- Players can teleport to their house anytime from anywhere.

- The plot of land mentioned earlier can be built on, it will have "sockets" on which players can build "plugs" such as crafting stations, mines, farms, etc...

- There will be events for players to interact with each other's properties. For example, players can maintain each other's farms and mines and get a part of the reward or keep nasty bandits off their friend's properties.

- These plugs will also give quests daily quests to players.

- There will be many more features still coming to housing that will be revealed closer to launch.

WildStar is an MMO from Carbine Studios, published by NCsoft that will be launching...sometime this year.

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