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Devolver Digital Wants Your Money

By Doubleplus08-11-2013

Devolver Digital has just launched their Forkstarter program, touted as "An extremely for profit organization created to enrich the life of Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker." Using this tool, you can buy Devolver Digital games to give money to the one and only, Fork Parker, Lady's man and CFO of Devolver Digital. In the place of a promotional video, it simply contains a video of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money, Mo Problems" and the stretch include a Velvet Jetski, an active Volcano, and a Jurassic Park-like experiments to breed an army of dinosaurs. This lighthearded parody of Kickstarter is to promote their publisher sale on Steam where they are selling their games as much as much as 85% off, as well as the Serious Sam complete pack for only £10.49.

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