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Development Stalled Due to Contract Disputes

By breadbitten08-06-2013

Hrrm, I never really pay much attention to what might go on behind the development of my favorite games but with the recent ambiguity surrounding the development of Human Head's incredibly promising looking Prey 2 I'm starting to feel as if I should start to care more.

According to IGN's extensive report on the game's development, an anonymous source claims that development had stalled primarily due to some disagreement between developer Human Head and publisher Bethesda Games. Apparently, so impressed were Bethesda with Prey 2's E3 2011 showing that that they were hell bent on acquiring the developers, going so far as to issuing a contract that prohibited Human Head from working on any other games until development on Prey 2 was completed; the source also claims that "Bethesda denied further funding of the project, and started failing milestones," Human Head apparently stopped further development on Prey 2 as an attempt to strike while the rights to the game reverted back to Bethesda. Take this with a pinch of salt however, as we've yet to hear Bethesda say anything on this matter and it would be highly presumptuous to start rallying against some kind of "evil corporate practice" without seeing the full picture.

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