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Developers Switching it Around for Battlefield 4

By eremeticskeptic06-03-2014

Battlefield 4's Naval Strike expansion is confirmed for a release late this month, but what has recently been confirmed is that this DLC will be the last produced by DICE Stockholm – the rest of the DLC will be done by DICE LA. Although DICE is working on Mirror's Edge 2 and the next Star Wars: Battlefront game (two games which I believe will be better additions to the entire industry than more tired military games and DLC), it doesn't show great follow through for a developer to just up and abandon a project that they created to other developers.

Or does it? Really, who cares? We all know it's going to be more of the same that we've seen from basically every other Battlefield/Call of Duty/Medal of Honor/whatever who even cares do we pay attention anymore franchise. I mean seriously, there's less variation in this sect of gaming than there is in sports games, and those are literally the same game released every year. Literally. I think the reason I take less offense to those is because they don't lie to me and try and convince me that they'll be different.

They won't be different. Honestly, you could tell me that Double Fine was making a Battlefield game and I'd probably expect more of the same. Actually, probably not. Double Fine is fantastic.

Meanwhile, back at the barn.

Bug Fixes, Or: Why Are Games Never Released Complete Anymore?

DICE has made it one of their top priorities to fix netcode issues. These issues can range between faulty networking and gameplay glitches. DICE has found and fixed a few issues in their latency compensation. They've also fixed several issues that can lead to rubber banding, kill camera delay, tickerate, no registered damage, instant death while sprinting, glitches with items, and have added network troubleshooting icons.

Also in the laundry list of things they've fixed are the kill card that shows 0 health, broken collisions, crosshair disappearing, hit impact sounds, and the headshot icon. It's nice to see developers interacting with their fans and actually fixing problems, don't get me wrong; it warms my heart. I'm a little unnaturally biased against EA and partners and the whole "military shooter" franchise idea anyways though (hey man, it's tired, okay?), so I'm filing this news under a big heap of "why didn't you just do it right the first time?" followed up with a flourish of "it's really not that much different from the last one, so why is it still buggy?"

Keep it classy, guys.

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