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Developers get all Steamed Up

By Jedireaper27-02-2014

So Valve aren't content to just sit at the top of Steam, and look down upon us all, not content to just stay in charge of their pride and joy and run it all-by-themselves, oh no! Valve have now asked the Developers to step in and take over- well, no. Kinda. Maybe. But no.

It seems that Steam wants minions to run sales on it. Not just any minions. Valve gave the go-ahead yesterday to allow the developers of games to decide whether they want to put their games on Sale and will soon give them to ability to do so; for how long they want to (up to two weeks), and when in advance, and the amount the sale is discounted. This will give greater control from developers when their games go on sale or perhaps what their prices are like in the first place.

I would love to speculate that valve are doing this to free up some staff/time to maybe, push development on Half-Life 3? Well, wishful thinking maybe, but a gamer can hope. Still this does seem like a positive and great ideas, and thus far Steam has been a resounding success, this couldn't really go to bad if it went wrong, and frankly, developers having more control over the prices of their games may vest more publishers and developers into wanting their games on Steam, maybe EA'll come back? This is still all speculation, all we know are the facts above. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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