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Developer Pack Releases Next Week

By MrJenssen12-09-2013

Deep Silver just announced that the Developer Pack, the third DLC for Metro Last Light's season pass, is to be released on September 17. Unlike the previous two DLC-packs that contained various missions and challenge maps, the Developer Pack is more like an extremely limited "editor" of sorts. With it comes a 'Metro Museum' where you can study the various characters and monsters up close, a shooting range where you can test your marksmanship and complete certain challenges and an 'AI Arena', where you can spawn in various customizable groups of humans and monsters, and watch them duke it out - or take part in the action yourself.

And, that's about it. The pack is set to cost $3.99, but will of course be free to anyone who bought the season pass.

The very last piece of DLC for the "season", slated for release later this year, sounds much more exciting. The Chronicles Pack will feature three new missions where you will be able to further explore the stories of some key characters from Metro Last Light. These are the Communist soldier Pavel, Khan and the rangers Ulman and Anna. We'll keep you up to date once we get some more information on that.

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