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Developer Diary Describes Setting

By Mokman08-08-2013

There's been a great shift to the 60s, a darker grittier tone in XCOM. Aliens are now scary, rather than the beanbags we had to deal with before, and they will be relentless. Which would be quite a feat, considering how they were pants-messingly scary the first time round in the original XCOM games - but The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is gonna try anyway, as detailed in their latest developer diary here. We've shown the previous diary on our site here, but 2K Games have released yet another one expanding on what we already know.

Showcasing an interesting look into the viewpoint that has spawned the setting of the hotly anticipated upcoming game in the series, it describes how it will manage to keep the tension and fear, the atmosphere of anticipated dread even as a third-person squad-based shooter. Darker, grimmer, detailed realistic art styles, wonderful music and heavy themes will all be present, taking inspirations from Aliens and X-Files. Basically, it sounds amazing. Go check it out. #EraseTheTruth.


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