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Developer Diary 5 – Modding and the Saint’s Past

By Toast04-09-2013

The highlights for the latest developer diary from Volition is the importance of the fans, yes you guys reading this (hopefully). The developers are talking about how Saints Row has changed over the years and how some didn't originally like the third game in the series compared to the second, and combined some element into the fourth addition to the series to make it a "love song" for loyal fans of the series.

Speaking of loyal fans...Volition invited a well-known modder called Mike Watson, who owns the IdolNinja website and was involved in the Gentlemen of the Row Super Mod. They invited him up to try Saints Row 4 and due to the upcoming mod SDK they'll be releasing for Saints Row: The Third which has been titled by Jeff Thompson "Kinzie's Toybox". Hey, after they've done that we'll be able to get modding tools for Saints Row 4 too! However, what could modders add to Saints Row 4 to make it crazier? Only one way to find out, the waiting game begins my friends!

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