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Devastation DLC Is Coming To Town... Xbox Town!

By JcDent10-03-2014

I still maintain that Call of Duty: Ghosts is more fertilizer than a game, but it doesn't seem to stop the brainless hordes from buying it. Must be the reason why they swapped zombies with aliens in Extinction, can't have your audience shooting itself! Anyway, the last bit of fun to come for those dedicated fans.

And by dedicated fans, I mean Xbox (both the old and the boned) players, as the new Devastation DLC launches on that console on April 3rd. Others will have to wait some time, although my advice would be not to play it at all. Anyways, what's in this suggested retail price of $14.99 (or included in season pass for $49.99) bag of goodies?

Well, first there are four new map of small to medium size (shoebox to Roomba crate). Ruins takes you to Mexico and a mountaintop Mayan temple. Supposedly vertical to allow for more sniping while underground corridors are for the more usual Call of Duty player who is gets scared if not surrounded by walls at all times. The Field Order in this map lets you set off a volcano, making CoD players to have the delusion that they're not only good soldiers, but also God.

Collision is probably the strangest, since it features battles on a container ship caught under a mangled bridge in New York... must have had recyclable assets from MW3 to make that one. Anyways! The field order here allows you control a heavily armed aircraft.

Behemoth is set on a massive excavator in South America. Interiors for the CoD fans and exterior for the few misplaced snipers. Get the field order and you'll be piloting a helicopters that's armed with an "armor piercing" railgun (as if there's any other kind).

And the final map is Unearthed, a re-imagining of MW3's Dome. Fight inside the dome and around the alien digsite to unleash the Cryptid aliens, probably becoming the one to be blamed for the Extinction mode. You twat.

Coming up for all of Ghosts maps is the "Ripper", the majestically generic name totting gun that can be switched from SMG to Assault rifle on the fly! Some maps let you pretend that you're not fighting at playground ranges, so that's where it might be useful.

More on the "alien killing side", Extinction receives a new map, too! Episode 2 – Mayday is the third episode (yeah, go figure) and take's place in a lost Chinese research ship. One new enemy is promised and the end boss is going to be something called the Kraken because originality is really, really hard, you guys. Players will also be able to find and use a moddable alien weapon called Venom-X (stop letting 12 year olds name things).

Yet it's not the only thing you can waste your money on. Following the heroes "customization" packs, Call of Duty: Ghosts now offers (on Xbox) villain skins!

The peanut butter in the sandwich is the Makarov pack, which contains an approximation of "IT WAS MY PLAN ALL ALONG" villain from the lowest point of Modern Warfare, a horrendous weapon camo, a reticule, patch, player card background, basically the dangling keys for a 16 year old baby suckling on mountain dew.
To remind us that there are worse things out there than Modern Warfare 3, you can also play as Rorke, the "IT WAS MY PLAN ALL ALONG" character from Ghosts. Or, if you're pining for the better days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you can get Inmran Zakhaiev, the main villain on the game, transported into the future and somehow still possessing both arms.
The last guy is the Hazmat Suit Special Character, who's a throwback to the last good Call of Duty game, Black Ops. He's kind of non-descript, so there's no overt clash of interest with Treyarch, who developed that line of CoDs. And believe you me, if they had the freedom to take characters from it, you'd be seeing a dozen Reznovs in every match.

For one thing, I'd say that Battlefield 4 DLCs offer more bang for buck. But Call of Duty: Ghosts works while Battlefield was released highly untested and unfinished. Nice going, EA, shot yourself in the leg, then the other one, and then in the hand by forcing the release of Battlefield to compete with the lowest rated and lowest sold CoD in years!

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