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Developer Q&A Talks Multiplayer and Customization

By MrJenssen12-04-2014

In anticipation of Sniper Elite 3's release this summer, the team at Rebellion has been releasing video dev diaries to talk about various new features and improvements made in the third instalment in the series. But apparently, they've also started on a series of videos that they call "Q&A" - even though they're hardly very different from the diary videos. The first video was uploaded back in March, and talked about some of the concerns from the community regarding Sniper Elite V2. Mainly the linear level design and the sloppy AI. If you haven't seen that diary, we've embedded it for you below.

But that's not why we're here. No, a new video has just been uploaded! In "part 2" of this not-Q&A video series, the focal point is the multiplayer. Enhancements and tweaks have been made to the structure of levels and the way ammo spawns in the adversarial multiplayer modes, in an attempt to encourage people to move about more rather than just sit still and snipe from the same location the entire round. Co-op naturally returns, with the ability to play the entire campaign with a buddy tagging along. The other cooperative modes, like Overwatch, have also gotten a few tweaks to increase replayability and so forth. The game even has some limited weapon customization now, letting you exchange your standard stocks, barrels and scopes in both multiplayer and single player modes.

Check both videos out for the full scoop and some gameplay footage. Sniper Elite 3 is set to release on June 27. You can already pre-order it from Rebellion's webstore with a nice discount, and gain access to the "kill Hitler again" DLC.

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