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Dev Diary Attempts to Explain the Madness

By Mokman19-08-2013

Want to see a bunch of excited game developers gushing about a naked Asian-American Johnny Gat in the new, upcoming instalment in the madcap Saints Row series? No? Well, too bad, cos here it is - and trust me, it's worth a listen, even if only to marvel at how crazy awesome these guys are. It doesn't feature much of the work behind the scenes, unfortunately, but this diary seems to focus mainly on the development of the story and the characters, mentioning a few favourites who would be once again making an appearance.

Another feature talked much about is the character creator, which can actually be downloaded right now on Steam - it features an amazing array of features, from the normal such as eye colors and facial hair, to dressing yourself like a drag queen. Hell yes. Saints Row 4 comes out in a week - keep your eyes open for it.

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