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Dev Blog Details Metro DLC Further

By MrJenssen12-07-2013

Isn't this something you wish more developers would do? When there's post-launch content released for games - especially when there's a season pass, and especially for singleplayer games - how often do you end up sitting there, scratching your head, not understanding what it is you're buying? Season pass? Well, what will be in it? How big will it be? How many DLCs? What are these DLCs? How many DLCs will there be?

Deep Silver and developer 4A Games see this dilemma. In their new developer blog for Metro: Last Light, they have the intention of giving some inside information on what exactly each DLCs will offer. We've already covered the basics, but there's still a few little nuggets to squeeze out of this one.

The first entry first sets up the playing field, explaining the mentality of the dev team, when making DLCs.

"When we started thinking about DLC for Metro: Last Light, there were a few rules we decided to stick to. First, and most importantly – nothing that was intended for the full game would be 'cut' to become DLC."

Oh how quickly we forget. I love Last Light - my review shouldn't indicate otherwise - but you deserve every piece of flak you can get for taking out the Ranger Mode and making it a DLC. I don't care if it was THQ's fault, or 4A, or Deep Silver. It could've been Moses needing money for his trip to Sinai mountain. I don't care. The fact of the matter is that you took it out, so please don't come here and tell me that you didn't cut away content. You did. Ehem, moving on.

Before going into detail on the Faction DLC, they talk at length about not wrecking the main storyline of Last Light with post-launch content, and that the DLCs should feel "stand-alone". A smart choice, as this gives an opportunity for people who want more - people like me - to get exactly that. At the same time, because the DLC packs are meant to feel stand-alone, they don't force people to buy them either. You won't feel like something is missing when you play Last Light. Again, a very smart move.

Now then, the meat of the blog is next. Fans of Last Light who have been paying attention, already know that the Faction Pack will include three missions, each one giving gamers a chance to control a Soviet sniper, a Reich "Heavy" and a Polis Ranger. None of which are named Artyom. As the sniper, stealth will be a necessity, but you're given the tools to deal with the job.

Mission 2 is completely different, letting you play as a "walking tank" with the biggest guns the Metro can offer, as you defend an underground bridge from waves of Soviets. You know how persistent those Russians can get sometimes.

No doubt, 4A Games cleverly saved these sections for later, as they wouldn't fit quite in with Artyom's storyline. He's not a sniper, nor is he a heavily armoured genocidist. Well, at least he wasn't in my playthrough. It is however in Mission 3 where things get truly interesting.

"Mission 3 is where we have experimented with the core Metro gameplay quite radically. Starting in a safe zone with a pistol, limited ammo and equipment, you must venture forth and explore this large, non-linear surface environment [the Library from Metro 2033], being mindful of the amount of clear air left on your filter. Filters can only be bought with cash – and cash can only be earned by trading the treasures you find."

As the ranger, you need to venture deeper and deeper into the library, finding new artefacts while watching that you have enough gas mask filters for the return. You're promised to use landmarks like light bulbs to help you see where you've already been, and so on.

Some developers and publishers feel that their DLCs spanning a few maps that are playable for a few hours, perhaps a few weapons or a new characters is worth a $10 or $15 pricetag. Well Deep Silver and 4A Games beg to differ. They've set the price of the entire season pass to $15. If that's not a nice added bonus to all this juicy new Metro gameplay, then I don't know what'll really impress you.

To get the full scoop, be sure to check out the blog entry for yourself. We'll let you know when the next entry is up, detailing the Tower Pack.

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OKay fuck it, I had to get the season pass...

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