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Deus Ex VII Secundis

By Kelevandos04-06-2013

Being one of the biggest and most renowned publishers out there, Square Enix sure knows how to spark the interest of the players. The most recent example of their skill being the above micro-teaser of Deus Ex: The Fall. We told you about it several months ago, speculating that it will most likely be the next game of the franchise, opposed to Deus Ex: Human Defiance which turned out to be the 8-bit instalment and an April Fools joke. Or at least it seems to have turned out to be that, as there is some hard evidence on it being a movie as well. Time will tell I guess.

Back to The Fall, no one really knows what it is going to be and the contents of the teaser do not help there. Not one bit. It is seven-second-long, with the logo animation, the tomorrow's date of 05/06/13 and a voice in the back, asking "Are we ready to begin?". Obviously enough, the net is full of speculation. There are opinions that The Fall will simply be a huge DLC for Human Revolution, supposed to keep the franchise alive while Square finishes other projects at hand. Others say that it will be the aforementioned movie and the majority bets on the next fully-fledged instalment of the Deus Ex series. It is really tough to decide which of these opinions is most probable, so I say we wait until tomorrow when, according to the teaser, more information should be revealed!

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Really Eidos? REALLY?

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Sarcasm aside, I must have missed that first and last news story speculating whether it'll be a film or game. Desperately hope it's the latter, though a DLC like The Missing Link wouldn't be bad either. But, hey, I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

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Well, gee, that was pointless. It's like holding a press conference to announce a press conference the next day.

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Wow.... amazing... totally almost even worth jack shit...