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Deus Ex Receives New Vision

By siegarettes29-11-2012

Deus Ex through the eyes of New Vision

Five years in the making and the New Vision mod for the original Deus Ex is complete. The mod brings new high resolution textures to the rapidly aging PC classic Deus Ex, so veterans have yet another excuse to run through it, while those who haven't played the original can come back to something a little less harsh on the eyes.

The character models are still the same chunky fellows that you've come to know, and the gameplay mechanics will still feel stiff to us children of the modern era, but if you can look past it there is a world of significant choices and branching conflicts that make the game deserving of its status. After all, it's a game that came out twelve years ago and is still getting mods made for it.


Deus Ex  Mod 
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Absolutely amazing! Glad to see there's still people hanging in there with the modding of older games! This is one that many have missed, or were simply not around to play when it was out. It definitely deserves some attention.