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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has Been Revealed

By zethalee08-04-2015

So, over the past few days, Square Enix has been running a bizarre reveal program entitled "Can't Kill Progress," over on a Twitch stream of the same name. The gist behind the program was that viewers would tune in at specific times to vote on what happens next, whether that involved changing the music or deciding how to investigate a facility, the exact contents of what was being voted on were kept secret until the time of, leaving many confused. Though you can view short video clips here, rumors abounded about the nature of what was being revealed, and some guessed that it was going to be another entry in the much-loved Deus Ex series.

Today, with an article on Game Informer, those guesses have been confirmed as true. Though the print article has yet to come out, leaks online have revealed a bit more about what we can expect in the latest entry in the cyberpunk series.

In short, what has been teased is this:

• The game is a direct successor to Human Revolution
• Takes place two years after the events of HR
• As in HR, the game will see you traveling around the world, Prague was given as an example
• The game takes place in a world opposed to trans-humanism, following the events near the end of HR
• None of the four endings of HR are canonical, and data will not be transferred from HR
• Certain characters will not be returning
• Jensen's implants have been vastly improved
• The weapon system appears to be modular, as seen in Crysis
• Mankind Divided will be released for PC, PS4 and XB1 only

There's likely still more information to come too, as the Twitch campaign finishes up on Wednesday, and with E3 only two months away (already!). Personally, as someone who played through Human Revolution three times on console alone, the game is easily one of my favorite games of all time, and I have been hoping for quite some time that Square Enix would see fit to give it a sequel, and not something forgettable, as was the case with The Fall(. We'll have more news about Mankind Divided as the story develops.


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