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Deus Ex: Human Defiance Revealed to be A Movie

By Mokman04-03-2013

Put down your Deus Ex speculations everybody, the recently trademarked name "Deus Ex: Human Defiance" is not, as everyone hoped, the name of the next game in the series, but rather is the name of the film that is planned for release soon. According to information of Whois, (whois.domaintools.com/deusexhumandefiancefilm.com), the proper domain name reveals the fact that it is indeed the name for the film. Sadly, this then means that there is no new game in the works, at least, none that has been revealed so far. However, don't lose hope - there still a chance that something good will pop up one way or another...


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You never know, this could finally lead to a game to movie to game adaptation that doesn't suck

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Please be good, please be good....